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Behcet’s Disease Patients Circle(Japanese Behcet's Disease Tomo-no-kai)was founded in 1970 in Japan.At present we have about 1,000 members in 16 branches.

The following is the purpose of our Circle and our main activities.


The objective of this Circle is to contribute for the betterment of medical and welfare environment of Behcet's Disease patients through cultivating the better understanding and the correct knowledge of the disease, which gives people great chances of early detection and early treatment. We have more activities for the patients to receive better treatment and quality of life.


  • Lectures on medical care
  • Meetings to support and information
  • Publish bulletin「WADACHI」
  • Introduction to a specialist
  • Consultation on phone
  • To hold a national convention
  • Lobbying to Administrative bodies


Behcet's Disease Tomo-no-kai Secretariat

Apt.No.202 Ishii-So, 2-234 Onari-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama, 330-0852 Japan


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